Patti Shaffner

Patti Shaffner is a Vocalist, Vocal Coach, Songwriter, Performer, Theater Director and Improvisational Singer.  Having started as a solo singer/songwriter, Patti's musical career is as an ever evolving creation.

She is a ‘natural’ singer with and understanding of our profound need to express ourselves through our voice. Her own journey into Improvisational Singing has developed over a lifetime of creating melodies, invented language and performing, eventually venturing into jazz and ’scat’ singing.She has studied “Spontaneous Invention” with Bobby McFerrin and the horizon of vocal improv expanded. In 2008 completed ”All The Way In”, a master class with internationally recognized Master of Improvisation, Rhiannon.Along with her role as a member of The Songsisters, she leads workshops in Circle Singing, Singing Vigil and Singing The Awakened Heart as well as Circle Sings and coaches individual students.  Patti’s latest solo CD “Dervish Heart” was released December, 2014.

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