Patti Shaffner

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Patti Shaffner has been performing in music and theater since 1988 in and around Northwest Indiana but as far away as the Big Island of Hawaii. She is a dynamic performer, making a solid connection to the audience with a naturally engaging stage presence. Her genres range from Folk and Jazz to Blues and Musical Theater and she moves with ease between them. Her lyrics are thought provoking and her songwriting has garnered awards including First Place - Singer/Songwriter in the Great American Song Contest 2015. She also is active in Circle Singing, a textless form of improvisational singing and has led circles for high school choirs and community programs; having been mentored by Bobby McFerrin and Mistress of Improv Singing, Rhiannon. She performs with SongSisters as well as solo, joined by her husband David Cowan and with Jazz Trios when the occasion arises.

“Patti Shaffner is riveting on stage. Her connection with the audience, her charisma and her seemingly limitless vocal abilities are captivating. Patti is a consummate songwriter, true artist and a musician’s musician - an utter delight. I can’t wait till she’s on our stage again!”
             - Sandra Thompson Executive Director, The Acorn

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